Help grow a greener, more equitable, climate-resilient future for Los Angeles image

Help grow a greener, more equitable, climate-resilient future for Los Angeles

Plant your legacy with City Plants

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Trees are critical city infrastructure in urban environments. They clean our air, capture rainwater, protect us from extreme heat, save energy, and transform our neighborhoods and places of business into vital, healthy communities. A healthy urban forest is integral to growing an equitable, climate resilient, and sustainable Los Angeles. The City of Los Angeles has a robust tree planting program that greens city streets and parks as well as private residential properties. An investment in LA’s urban forest is an investment in LA’s future.

By supporting City Plants, you get us one step closer to our goals:

  1. Climate Resilience — Achieve urban forestry targets in Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Green New Deal:
    • Target Goal:Increase tree canopy in areas of greatest need by at least 50% by 2028 to grow a more equitable urban forest that provides cooling, public health, habitat, energy savings, and other benefits
    • Target Goal:Plant and maintain at least 90,000 trees citywide by 2021
  2. Green Workforce Development — Create green jobs and provide economic advancement opportunities for city, non-profit, and private contractors through meaningful work planting and caring for trees in our communities
  3. Growing Healthy Communities — Convey the critical role of a healthy urban tree canopy to climate resilience, sustainable city building, and healthy living
  4. Reforest the World by Reforesting LA — Showcase your company’s commitment to tree planting as a local-level climate mitigation strategy in the City of Los Angeles

In 2020, City Plants worked with partners, friends and neighbors just like you to plant and give away over 13,000 trees toward a climate-resilient, healthier future for all Angelenos.

We need trees now more than ever, and we need your help to keep this momentum going in 2021. Give a tax deductible donation to City Plants, and plant your legacy today for a greener Los Angeles tomorrow!